More Bird feeding

We made some more bird feeders to keep the birds happy!

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Autumn is here!

We have been looking around our school for signs of autumn. Here is what we found:


Raspberries                                                           Spiders

Acorns in the oak tree                                            Chestnuts

Oak tree                                                       Chestnuts

The leaves are turning brown and falling off for the winter.

Uganda club

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Happy New School Year!

Hello friends,

We have just returned to school after our summer break, and it feels like winter already!  As it was wet outside today, we have spent some time learning about Uganda on the computers and making a display to share our work with the rest of the school.  We found out that our coldest months (December – February) are your hottest months!  Is this true?


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Uganda 2017 Day 12: Driving, driving, driving!

In order to allow ourselves a bit more free time later in the week, I had scheduled a number of appointments for today. Subject to confirmation from Yowasi, we were due to meet the District Education Offiver for Rubirizi, Stephen Birru, a man we have got to now well; the District Scout Commissioner; visit Kyambura Primary School; and, finally, drive out to Mahyoro to drop off letters from their twinned school – West Meon.

We had intended to leave at 9.00am, but confirmation of our itinerary didn’t come through until after 10.00am, so we were late in leaving. We were going to pick up Yowasi from New Life Junior School and then get Muhudi (our scouting expert) from his school near to the offices at Rubirizi.

The drive up to New Life was terrible. I was now totally fed up with th euseless road surface and the prospect of driving up and down it several times today did not fill me with any joy. An indication of how bad the road surface was duly appeared at Kyambura when we came upon a jack-knifed lorry carrying salt and the drivers and his friends looking dazed at the side of the road. The lorry was still there nearly twelve hours later.

We arrived at New Life to meet Yowasi. When he saw us, he asked us why we hadn’t picked up Muhudi. We discovered that he was at home at Kyambura as he had managed to walk on a nail and had gashed his foot.

After doing some quick filming at New Life, we had to drive back to Kyambura (past the jack – knifed lorry)  to pick up Muhudi and then all the way back up to Rubirizi to meet Stephen Birru.

Stephen was in good form and very pleased to see us. He had given Mrs Green the connection with Kyambogo University and was very pleased to hear about her meeting.  He was also very interested in the work we had done at Kafuro and was very keen that the school use every means possible to become self-sustainable. He was strongly in favour of introducing a mobile phone chargng service to the school. He even recommended to Yowasi that he install satellite tv at the school and charge local residents to watch Premier League football. Somehow, I can’t see Mrs Myers doing this at Liss!

We had brought a mountain of neckties (neckers) and badges from scout groups all over the UK thanks to the very hard work of Mrs Prior at Liss. The District Scout Commissioner was overwhelmed and could not believe how much equipment she had received. Unfortunately, we had missed a big scout meeting the week before, but the commissioner was going to make sure the equipment was fairly distributed and send photos.

After this really successful meeting, we headed back towards Kyambura to visit the Primary School, which is twiined with Sheet Primary School. On the way, we had to make a couple of stops. The first stop was the Doreen Hotel, whcih is where Yowasi decided we should have lunch. Mrs Green and I had goar Muchomos. The bill for four of us was £5!

Our next stop was to visit Yowasi’s dad. I have met his mum several times before, but never his dad. Yowasi’s dad is in his 70s (ancient by Ugandan standards) and suffering the aftre effects of a stroke. However, he was very pleased to see us and spoke excellent English. He had heard all about us and wanted to find out about our families.

We got to Kyambura Primary School about 4.00pm where I met briefly with Hope, the headteacher and Moses, the Twinning Project Co-ordinator. This was a very frustrating meeting as both their laptop and their tablet have reached the end of their natural lives, but they didn’t bother to inform Yowasi so we could’ve brought out a replacement. I gave them some money for data and they are going to use Hope’s smartphone to communicate. I felt very sorry for Mrs Newton, the coordiantor at Sheet, who has done a brilliant job in communicating regularly. Hope did promise me that she would have letters ready to take back to Sheet.

It was 4.50pm when we left Kyambura and we had an hour’s drive to Mahyoro. This is usually one of my favourite drives because the scenery is stunning, but a) we were running very late and b) it was very cloudy and the light was beginning to close in. We finally made it to Mahyoro at 5.50pm where we were met by the co-ordinator, Julius – the children had gone home an hour ago. I handed over the letters from West Meon while Mrs Green took aphotos and gave Julius money for internet data. He was very pleased to see us and gave his best wishes to the children and staff of West Meon Primary School.

It was an hour’s drive to Yowasi’s house to drop him off before we finally headed home past the jack-knifed lorry and along the worst road in Uganda. We were so late coming back we had to use the main gate into Mweya (rather than Katunguru) which added 15 minutes to our journey. Add to this rubbish headlamps on our car, clouds of dust, a pitch black night and full beam headlights in my face from other vehicles, and I’m sure that you can understand that I wasn’t very happy by the time we got home at 8.15pm – over two hours later than planned.

The day had a successful conclusion. Joshua, the chef at Tembo, had given us a chicken for visting his school and it was beautifully cooked alongside rice, salad and …wait for it…Irish potatoes. It was a nice end to an exhausting day.

Tomorrow we’re going to visit Katunguru Primary School in the morning and go chimp trekking at Kyambura Gorge in the afternoon.


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Feeding the birds!

Hello to our friends at Kyambura, from Uganda Club!  We hope you are all keeping well.

Last week, Joe from QE Country Park came in to meet us all and helped us to make our bird feeders – thank you Joe!  We used pine cones and small trays and covered them with lard and bird seed.  We got very messy but the birds seem to love them!  We have taken some pictures of us making them and of some of the birds who have been enjoying them.



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Hello from Herons Class!

Hello to all our friends at Kyambura! We are Herons class and we are going to be writing you some letters to tell you about ourselves. Joe will take them to you when he visits you soon! It would be lovely to hear back from you!

Here is a photo of us at our vegetable patch!

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Uganda Club!

We are the four fantastic Uganda club members! We have been working extremely hard on getting our garden patch ready for the summer. So far we have planted a giant patch of baby carrots, which are going extremely well – Let’s hope the rabbits don’t eat them all!
We have also attempted to plant runner beans 3 times! The first lot died from the frost, the second lot died in the heat so hopefully third time lucky!
Today (on 26th June 2017) we have planted some Sunflowers, which we hope will grow really well. They should look really pretty and will attract bees and produce seeds for the birds.

How is your gardening coming along?  We’d love to hear all about it and see some photos!

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New Twinning Project Co-ordinator for Sheet

A big hello to all our friends at Kyambura Primary School. We hope that you are all well and enjoying your learning this term. We are pleased to tell you that we now have a new Twinning Project Co-ordinator at Sheet Primary School. Mrs Newton has taken over the post from Miss Dade who has left the school for pastures new.

Mrs Newton is going to be running a Uganda Club at Sheet immediately after Easter and she will be sharing with you the exciting things she has planned.

We would like to ask the children at Kyambura. What fruit and vegetables do you grow at your school? We will soon post some photos of our produce.


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Clean Up Kyambura

Many congratulations to four schools in the vicinity of Kyambura village who organised a big clean up operation on Tuesday. Pupils from Kyambura Primary School, New Life International School, Good Hope Primary School and Giant Junior School worked with teachers and the community to collect and remove rubbish from the village. As Kyambura is on the main road to Rwanda and a potential stopping point for tourists it is vital that the village looks tidy not just for conservation purposes, but increased tourism is good for the local economy.

Many thanks to UWA (Ugandan Wildlife Authority) for their support for this initiative and to all the children who are conserving for future generations.

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Uganda 2016 Day Nine – A successful meeting

Today was the first joint teachers and Community Conservation Rangers meeting at Hippo House. The main aim as far as I was concerned was to give the opportunity for teachers and rangers to find areas of commonality and plan assemblies, lessons or activities together so that they could work similarly to how Liss has worked with Steve Peach in the past and Joe Williams now.  It was my job to chair the meeting and facilitate the activities. Sixx CCRs plus the Community Warden, Olivia Birra, showed up along with seven teachers.

We were extremely fortunate that Charles Etoru, who co-founded the Twinning Project with Steve Peach, was in the area and had agreed to give a speech. He was inspirational and (better still) ended up staying the whole morning so he could work with the groups. We discussed friendship, communication, blogging, planning activities together and came up with a list of agreed actions which should allow everyone to move forward together. The Twinning Project also gave each school an amount of money to help them communicate through email and blogging with the incentive of more money being released if the Ugandan schools reached a target number of emails or blog posts by the end of October.

The meeting finished at 16.30 and we went to the safari hostel over the road for a couple of drinks to celebrate before going down to dinner at Tembo. Tomorrow we are visiting Kyambura Gorge and we have to be up at 05.30. As much as I’m looking forward to chimp tracking another early start is not high on my list of priorities.

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